About Us


Gymnastics Waitara has great members. It is our goal to see every member reach their full potential within a family friendly environment. We value all of our members and realise that they are the most important part of our club. A dedicated and dynamic committee ensures that the club is well run.

Formerly the Waitara Gymnastic Club, in 2017 the club changed its name to Gymnastics Waitara. This change relects the growing number of individual sports governed by the sports national body, Gymnastics New Zealand.

We are a progressive club that wishes to meet the needs of our community and members.    Waitara Gymnastics has been around for about 30 years and we still have some people involved in the club as coaches that were gymnasts all those years ago.

Shirley Baker
Development Manager and Head Coach
Hayley Jury
Centre Manager and Senior Coach
Kelly Richards
GFA Lead Coach
Char Ewans
Competitive Coach
Harlee Johnson
Competitive Coach
Claudia McKillop
Competitive Coach
Mia Waruhia
GFA & Competitive Coach
Sejal Patel
GFA & Competitive Coach
Cailin Ward
Excel Coach
Piper Smith
GFA Coach
Olivia Earl
GFA Coach
James Baker
Ninja Helper
Wayne Baker
Steven Jury
Vice Presdient
Katherina Roberts
Emma Saywell